Pluim is known for transport, but is excellent at modifying your product and packaging. Come have a look at what we can do for you in the following areas:

Shrink Wrapping


Nearly 10.000 shelving spaces in 40,000 metres of warehouse space— that is what Pluim has to offer. But it is not all about secure storage, we also guarantee the timely delivery of your product by our quick warehouse team. Quick, reliable, and efficient.


With our own permanent team, we drive across the Netherlands and Europe at any time you need something transported, using up to 50 cargo lorries. With 1 to 23 pallet spaces, our cargo lorries are reliable and can quickly be called to action.

Our services

Multi-packs and re-packaging

Multiple products in 1 shrink-wrapped package? Need products re-packaged from 3 to 2 boxes? We do it quickly and for any quantity.

Assembly for the DIY sector

We can quickly assemble any combination for you that you can imagine.

Enclosing promotional materials

Want to include a card or promotional flyer? There is no quantity, large or small, that we cannot handle with ease.

Attaching samples

Want to have your clients try something different? We can turn a simple product into a lead generator.


Are all your products in small packages? We can take care of packaging them into larger boxes for transport or delivery.

Creating display packages

You no longer have to worry about creating a beautiful display package at your location or ours. Save on manpower, damage, and expenses!

Machine shrink-wrapping and sealing

We invest in shrink-wrapping machines and materials for you—it is fast, advantageous, and flexible!

Storage and transhipment

Give us your products to hold and save space and money at your own location(s). From 1 to 5000 pallets, we get every pallet on its way at the same high speed!


With our own fleet of articulated lorries and charters, we always have the space to get your product to your client in time— within the Netherlands or anywhere in Europe.