Terms and Conditions

To the services of Pluim Transport B.V., Pluim Op- en Overslag B.V. and Pluim Pack B.V. the following terms and conditions apply. In the event of a conflict between the content of the agreement concluded between the client and the contractor and the general terms and conditions, the provisions of the general terms and conditions will prevail.

By purchasing our services, you agree to our terms and conditions.

The Algemene Vervoercondities (AVC), latest registered version, apply to all our transport services. In the case of international road transport, the AVC always apply in addition to the provisions of the CMR-Verdrag. All our other services are provided subject to the Physical Distribution Voorwaarden 2000, latest filed version.

We can send you a copy of our terms and conditions free of charge upon request.

Algemene vervoercondities (AVC)
  • CMR (Englisch)
  • CMR (Deutch)
  • CMR (Français)
Physical Distribution Voorwaarden