Pluim in a nutshell

Your products have to get from A to B in a reliable, secure fashion at the lowest possible cost. Pluim is always up to this task. However, we can serve you in many different ways. By utilising our years of experience, we have assembled a complete package of logistics services. This means that, in addition to transport options, we also offer storage and transhipment facilities and a wide variety of processing options for your products. Our packaging department can effortlessly handle large quantities. Come have a look or bring us a challenge!


Our roots lie in transport—we offer rapid service at a good price with our own combination of lorries and charters.


Need your products to get to the right place quickly and reliably? We handle the distribution and sorting at our own warehouse.


Big or small? With 12,000 pallet spaces available, there is no request too large or too small for Pluim.


We have more than 30 pairs of hands ready each day to provide your products with new packaging or other modifications.